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Quality antenna systems by Mosley Electronics.  We offer a wide line of antennas including Amateur, Aviation, Business, Citizens Band (CB), Commercial, Marine, Military, & Short Wave antennas.
Mosley antennas are pre-tuned, pre-drilled and color-coded for ease of assembly which means NO MEASURING!

Mosley antennas
are hand-crafted under rigid engineering standards, constructed of highly durable drawn, aluminum tubing, assembled with stainless steel and non-corrosive hardware ensuring longer antenna life... an average of 30 years! 

Mosley antennas
and antenna accessories are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

All of this adds up to give you a great, reliable, DX, Ragchew performaning antenna that your can count on for years to come.

For over 70 years, Mosley has been setting the standard for Design, Innovation, Quality and Service. 

It all began with the famous 'Vest Pocket' Amateur radio antenna.  Development of the Vest Pocket design from monoband to multi-band lead to the development of a tri-band Vest Pocket utilizing one feedline.  It was through this innovation that the development and focus of miniaturized, multi-band antennas became the mainstay of the Mosley product line.  Mosley has been building miniaturized versions of full size beam antennas longer than any of our competitors.

No detail is overlooked in the constant Mosley effort to supply the greatest antenna values possible to the Amateur Radio and Industrial markets.

It begins with the selection of materials known to be capable of surviving the rigors of worldwide climatic conditions...from arctic icing to typhoon driven salt air.  Such materials are used in all Mosley antennas. Quality is never sacrificed to bring a good price.

With literally thousands of antenna designs, let Mosley fill your antenna requirements.   From cataloged antennas to custom-engineered "systems", Mosley Electronics, Inc. is anxious to serve you.

Whatever your antenna needs may be, think first of Mosley...    ...the World's Leader in Quality communication antennas. 
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From: Dennis KC1DXD  Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2018 10:45 AM  Subject: Pro 67B replaces TA-36   Just wanted to say Thanks... I finally got the Pro 67B up to sadly replace my much used TA-36.   Same great quality, same damn flat blade screws as the TA that's been up and down at four QTH's since 1990. Everything Mosley said it would be and more with great swr across the bands with a little tinkering.

It bothers me to see some of the reviews where Hams complain: the manual is too small, antenna is too big, there isn't a diagram separate page to tell you where to place every part and screw, ….front lobe is too wide, front to back ratio is too small..Blah, Blah... That scares many young Hams away from a great product. Sure, there are others, a little more gain (they advertise in Dbi)  on 20, lighter, smaller, that fall apart with an inch of Maine coastal ice.

My advice ( as an old Marine at 70...wife says I'm just full of advice...) tell those guys to just read the manual, use it as a learning process, find an old timer that's had one, and probably still has.. ask questions, build it once right, put it up high and forget it for 20 years while you enjoy what it will do.

Still the best antenna built.  READ MORE

Thanks again,

Dennis Goddard KC1DXD

Diego Ponce de Leon  Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 7:08 AM  Subject: TA-53-M  J
ust on air!  Best 73’s  Diego CX4DI

From: Ken WA8REI  Subject: PRO 67 B   Sirs:  I put up a used PRO 67 B in January 2012.   In a nutshell:  it honks!  I operate a lot of QRP CW.  I point the antenna toward Europe and have worked several 1-watt stations.  The gain on receive as well as transmit enables me to pull in weak QRP stations.  Today, I worked the A35YZ DXpedition in Tonga OFF THE BACK at 100 watts, thru a big pileup, first attempt on 17 meters CW.  The SWR is less than 1.5:1 on all bands, 1:1 on 4 bands.  No tuner
is used on any band.  Thank you for designing and making a great antenna! 

From: Isaac 4X6YY  Subject: TA-63-N  To mosley company: on 10-28-2013 I bought a TA63N antenna very good antenna.  I am very happy with its performance and durability.  4X6YY ISAAC LAVI  READ MORE

From: Tony W4TYB  Subject: MINI-33-AW   My QTH is on Tybee Island, GA which is a barrier island off the coast of Savannah.  My lot is small here and I only have about 15’ between my property and my neighbors on three sides.  We also have a height limitations on the island.   So, the Mini-33 is a great solution for me.  73  Tony Abruzzio  W4TYB  READ MORE

From: Eric  Subject: TA-34-XLW  Hello,  Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product.  My TA-34-XL WARC was purchased in mid 1991 and has been relocated once from Farmington Hills, Mi. and moved to New Baltimore, MI. (60 miles) where it still is going strong.  Best Regards,  Eric Styles KD8BNB  READ MORE

From: Bill AC0E  Subject: PRO-67-B
  Seeing the many comments on your web site figure I would send mine to you. I currently have a Pro-67B, V1.6 S/N 563607, installed fall October 1994. It has been up since then working great all these years. I has survived ice storms and wind storms. One of the ice storms the chuck of ice that came off were ¾” thick. Most other beam antennas in the area damaged and in many cases the antenna and tower came crashing to the ground under the extra weight. The Mosley antennas in the area all survived. AC0E  READ MORE

From: Bill W6ST  Subject: TA-53-M modified to TA-63-N  I recently bought a TA53 used from an estate.  The paper work included showed the purchase order dated 1995.  The antenna looked in really great shape for its age.  It came apart very easily for transportation.  I decided to upgrade the antenna to a TA-63N.  The directions were very clear and went together as it should.  Its mount atop a 55 ft. crank up tower. I get great reports on all bands 20-6, and no tuner is required.  Thanks again for a great product.  W6ST READ MORE

From: Mark Munroe  Subject: Mini 32 AW Storm Survivor Dear Mosley…. Sunday night, Nov. 5, our neighborhood in Boardman, Ohio experienced considerable damage due to high winds, possibly due to a “microburst”.
Attached are 2 pictures of my backyard showing damage to my rear deck and downed trees, with my Mosley Mini 32 AW on its mast with no damage.  It’s a neat little antenna.  Mark Munroe  WA8ZIP  READ MORE

From: Yakov RC8SC  Subject: TA-33-JR-N Good morning!  Thanks for your nice antenna!  Have finished the mounting process a week ago, and it works great!  Good luck! 73!  RC8SC   READ MORE

From: Jeffrey W4/TI2JCC  Subject: HURRICANE IRMA ANTENNA REPORT   Gentlemen, I would like to report to you that one of your  TA-54XL antennas that I installed a couple of years ago on a self supported tower at a 80 ft level  in Miami survived perfectly with no damage whatsoever.   The wind at this location was in excess of 100 MPH that toppled 2 large trees on the property.  I have owned Mosley antennas for 40 years and I can say that they are a great product that will survive the harshest conditions.   Congratulations on a great product.   READ MORE

From: Ghassan OD5YA  Subject: PRO-67-B   Dear Sales dept.  First allow me to relate to you a small piece of history.  In 1994, I was living in Colombia, and I purchased a Mosley 67B with a 40 mts add in kit, that was in stalled in Pereira, at 1600mts of altitude. It survived 2 7richter+ earthquakes and several hurricane strength sheer wind of the tropics. NEVER EVER in my 40 years of radio ham have I used a better and more rugged antenna. I was operating as HK6SQQ at the time.  Now, I am relocated to Beirut Lebanon, operating as OD5YA, and I wish to purchase a small antenna because of local urban regulations and reduced space.  Once again I thank you for your great product.   READ MORE

From: Kenney NQ3F  Subject: SF-402-A  Hey guys I have the Moseley sf 402-a and it is a good antenna held up in some fierce winds and works as advertised.  Thanks for making the shorty forty have enjoyed it for about a year!!!   READ MORE

From: W3WKX  Subject: TA33 up 37 years   My TA33 has been up in air for 37 years and still going strong. I never had any problem with it at all. It never had to be taken down for service. Before that, I had TA 33 JR for about 25 years and never had problem. W3WKX   READ MORE

From: Barixs   Subject: THANK YOU  Hello Tim,  Thank you very much for the wonderful support and techinal advices regarding my TA33 and MY144.  They working very good and nice SWR.  Best regards to all and to Mellissa too.  All the best MOSLEY!!!!   DU1NLO
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