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Mosley TA-53-M with TA-40-KR
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Band (CB), Commercial, Marine, Military, & Short Wave antennas.

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Melissa, Good Evening,
Here some pics of my installation, feel free to use them as you like.
It works better than the ta53! Minor SWR, better signals, it seems to be a great antenna.


Giorgio IU4BIP
Mosley SF-402-A
"The 'Shorty Forty' works better than I could imagine.  Thanks for the great antenna." 
                          - Bob KJ6CA
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Since I installed the CL-203, I seem to rarely ever turn my Alpha 78 Amplifier on!

It is unbelievable the signal reports I get only running 45 watts which is drive power for the amplifier!

The antenna perform is well beyond any of my expectations!

- Samuel Maze  W8SPM
Mosley CL-203
K3CNI's Mosley TA-32-JR from 1966
1966 Mosley TA-32-JR

"On Dec. 12, 1966, I purchased a TA-32-JR and with 3 different rotators - it has been on the roof since!!...  ...I'm 86, I don't know who will outlast who/what!"  K3CNI
- Typical Mosley Customer Story -
Mosley DIY DIV-80 Wire Dipole
HORIZONTAL or INVERTED 'V' Dipole Antenna Kit

MAXIMUM LEAGAL POWER on each band 10 through 80 meters.

FEATURES Do-It-Yourself Approach, click on the flyer image for details.
Celebrating all year long through 2017! 
The Mosley TA-33
turns 60 this year!

None Better has ever been Made!
Mosley TA-33-JR WARC
From: Bernard Montibert
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2017 9:45 AM
Subject: F5TRB - Happy of my choice

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase of your TA-33-JRN-W antenna.
I installed it the last weekend (12 mars 2017).
Good materials, easy to assemble and mostly, really surprising performances...  I am very happy of my choice.

My best regards, 73

Bernard F5TRB
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For over 70 years, Mosley has been the industry leader in Design, Innovation, Quality and Service.  Mosley has been building miniaturized versions of full size beam antennas longer than any of our competitors.

No detail is overlooked in the constant Mosley effort to supply the greatest antenna values possible to the Amateur Radio and Industrial markets.

It begins with the selection of materials known to be capable of surviving the rigors of worldwide climatic conditions...from arctic icing to typhoon driven salt air.  Such materials are used in all Mosley antennas. Quality is never sacrificed to bring a good price.

With literally thousands of antenna designs, let Mosley fill your antenna requirements.   From cataloged antennas to custom-engineered "systems", Mosley Electronics, Inc. is anxious to serve you.

Whatever your antenna needs may be, think first of Mosley...    ...the World's Leader in Quality communication antennas. 
From: David VK7YUM  Hi.  Just a short note to say a HUGE “thank you”!  Parts arrived by mail today J Not a bad effort considering I ordered parts for my rotator from Sydney, New South Wales, on the same day and they haven’t arrived yet L  Again, thank you very much - I’ll be telling everyone about your fantastic service.   READ MORE

From: Jeffrey W4/TI2JCC  Subject: HURRICANE IRMA ANTENNA REPORT   Gentlemen, I would like to report to you that one of your  TA-54XL antennas that I installed a couple of years ago on a self supported tower at a 80 ft level  in Miami survived perfectly with no damage whatsoever.   The wind at this location was in excess of 100 MPH that toppled 2 large trees on the property.  I have owned Mosley antennas for 40 years and I can say that they are a great product that will survive the harshest conditions.   Congratulations on a great product.   READ MORE
Mosley antennas are pre-tuned, pre-drilled and color-coded for ease of assembly which means NO MEASURING!

Mosley antennas
are hand-crafted under rigid engineering standards, constructed of highly durable drawn, aluminum tubing, assembled with stainless steel and non-corrosive hardware insuring longer antenna life... an average of 30 years! 

Mosley antennas
and antenna accessories are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of delivery.
Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas
Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas
Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas
Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas