YAGIs 6-30 MHz

Mosley Mono-Band Yagi Antennas for frequencies between 6.0 to 30 MHz.  Mosley single frequency Yagis are made to order in a variety of sizes.  These antennas can be made from 2 elements to a 7 element depending on the frequency.

2 Element Yagi Beam ExampleMosley Mono-Band Beams
The two element configuration, as shown in the illustration at the left, is designed to operate in a frequency range from 6 to 30 MHz., with power capabilities up to 1,000 watts with continuous carrier.  If your power requirements exceed 1,000 watts, present models can be modified to comply with your needs.  

3 Element Yagi Beam ExampleA-311-M

The three element configurations are engineered to operate in a frequency range from 7.0 to 30.0 MHz. with power capabilities in excess of 1,000 watts.  These 3 element beams can be made to handle 1,000 watts if desired.

27 MHz, 3 element beam

Four, Five, Six, and Seven element configurations available upon request.

Any design can be made to furnish the maximum amount of gain or front to back ratio, whichever would be the most effective for the type of communication required.  Our staff will be happy to discuss your individual situation and application with you.

Please contact us for more information regarding your beam antenna requirements.

The MINI  compact design reduces the area exposed to wind so the antenna can be mounted, without a tower, in a light antenna mount, and turned with an light duty rotor.  Lightweight, less than one-half the weight of an ordinary three-element beam.  You can assemble and install it quickly and easily: solid-state gamma match, preassembled parts and color-coding combine with lightweight and compact size for ease in handling.  

27 MHz, 3 element MINI beam


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